Online slots have been the most popular of all online gambling games ever since the gambling industry opted to go online. They require minimum player skill and get over quickly, none of which takes away the fun and excitement associated with the game.

There are the classic 3-reel slots, the video slots, bonus slots, interactive slots, and also progressive slots. Online slots are available to players at online casinos and online slot rooms thanks to the software that powers these casinos. Players can today choose from a wide range of slot games.

So one question comes to mind immediately: given that there are so many online casinos and so many different software providers powering these casinos, which of these software providers have the best slots software? That is a question we will attempt to answer in the course of this article.

Online Slots Software Providers.

There are two main kinds of software that these companies provide. The first kind is where you need to download the software to your computer and install it there to be able to play the slot games available. This is the more commonly found kind of slots software.

The other kind allows you to play the games available in the slot casino directly from a browser window, thereby bypassing the need to download software to your computer. Each of these kinds of software has its own advantages and disadvantages.

There are a number of different online slots software providers today. There are today more than 160 different players in this space, a fact that is not surprising considering the online gambling industry itself is a billion dollar carnival that caters to audiences across the world. So which of these is the best online slots software in the country?

What is the Best Online Slots Software?

What is the best online slots Software, it is difficult to pinpoint one online casino software as being the best of the lot. This is because each of them has its own merits and advantages. There are, however, a few that stand out from the rest of the competition in terms of stability, features on offer, range of games, and more.

One of the best online slots software available is the Real Time Gaming (RTG) software. This software is most famous for its massive progressive jackpots. A number of casinos run on this software, and all their slot games are linked up to provide players with a mammoth progressive jackpot to play for.

Other pluses that allow RTG to stake its claim as being one of the best online slot software include some of the best graphics and animations seen, superb realistic sound effects, and more.

Another online slots software provider that also can stand up to be counted in the top bracket is Microgaming, whose Viper software is probably one of the most downloaded software across the Internet. Some of the other excellent slot software providers are Vegas Technology, Rival Gaming, and Cryptologic.

Of these, Rival is relatively new, having launched operations only recently, in the year 2006. In this short span of time, and despite the fact that it offers only downloadable software (no instant play version available), it has gone on to be a very popular software thanks mainly to its highly interactive iSlots offering.