125x125.103mapleOne of the most fun and exciting online games that you can check out is slots. Online slots are fast-paced and may or may not require skill. Of all the online gambling games available at casinos today, slots are considered the most popular. This fact is apparent when you take a look at the number of slot games against the number of other casino games at most online casinos.

Globally, slots have universal appeal and are designed to entertain and provide players with an enjoyable casino experience. There are different kinds of online slots games available. These include classic slots, video slots, progressive slots, and more. Another type of slot game is the bonus feature slot. We will briefly discuss this type of slot game in this article.

What is a Bonus Feature Slot Game?

What are Bonus feature slots, to put it simply, a slot game that has built into it a bonus feature is called a bonus feature slot. What this means is along with the regular play, there is a bonus feature thrown in as well as incentive to the players.

The bonus feature is designed to give the player the chance to win extra money, apart from the money on offer during the course of a regular game. A bonus feature game is not necessarily a separate category of slot games always. It can also be positioned as a classic slot game with an additional feature, or a 5-reel game with an additional feature.

Bonus feature games are more fun than regular games because of the added incentive of winning more. There is an element of expectation when you get to playing these games, because you are looking to get on with the bonus game or bonus feature and score some more money, as much money as is possible, in fact.

Types of Bonus Feature Slot Games

The bonus feature in a bonus feature slot game varies. Sometimes, it could be a free spin of the wheel, while in other games it could be multiple spins. There are other kinds of bonus features as well, such as one where a second screen appears for you to try playing and scoring money.

Listed below are a few types of bonus feature slot games and some examples of these games.
•    Free spin slots – These are slot games with an additional free spin as the bonus feature. Examples of such games include Thunderstruck, Cleopatra’s Gold, and Big Break. Each of these games has its own characteristics, in terms of the number of spins available.
•    Wheel of Fortune – This is one of the more commonly found bonus feature slot game. The bonus is a free spin of the wheel of fortune and you get to keep whatever you win during this free spin. Some examples include Rags to Riches, Bulls Eye, Wheel of Chance, and more.
•    Multi-spin slots – These bonus feature slot games have multiple spins of the wheel as the bonus offer. Examples include Goblins Cave, Ocean Princess, and more.

Some other types of bonus feature slot games include bonus accumulator feature games, cascading bonus games (Bejeweled, Cubis, Da Vinci Diamonds), Golden Goose bonus game (Crazy Chameleon and Winning Wizards), Pick a Style bonus game (Pollen Nation, Witches Wealth), and fruit machines (Pub Fruity, The Gee Gees).

What are Bonus feature slots