diceland125If you have played slots, you will know that it is one of the most interesting games online. This exciting game does not require any skills and is fast paced and fun to play. Frequent any online casino and you will find that slots are one of the most popular games played. Casinos offer a number of slot games, more than any other type of game.

Slots are sought after throughout the world. This appealing casino gambling game is designed to offer players an enjoyable and entertaining experience. Casinos offer a variety of online slots games such as progressive slots, video slots, classic slots and much more. A popular variation of slots is the bonus feature slots. This game is offered by most casinos.

All about Bonus Feature Slot Game

Before we move on to discuss about bonus feature, it is first necessary to know what a bonus feature slot game is. To explain it simply, this game is one where there is a built in bonus feature. The game is the same as any regular slots game. Along with the regular features, the bonus feature slot game also offers incentive to players in the form of a bonus feature.

Players enjoying this game have the opportunity to win extra money apart from what they win during the regular course of the game. While some casinos classify bonus feature game in a separate category, others position the game along with the classic game mentioning the additional feature.

As compared to the regular games, bonus feature games are more exciting as it offers players an opportunity to win added incentives. The element of expectation and excited anticipation is more in this type of game as the player looks forward eagerly to reach the position where he or she can play the bonus game and earn more money than they normally would.

There are Many Bonus Feature Slot Game Variations

Variation in the bonus feature slot games come in the form of different bonus features on offer. Certain games offer players the bonus feature of an extra wheel spin and some other casinos offer multiple spin bonus. Other kinds of bonuses offered by online casino bonus feature slot games include a second screen where you can simultaneously play and win as much as possible.

Some of the popular types of bonus feature slot games offered by online casinos include –

  • If you are playing the Wheel of Fortune of slots game, you will be offered a free spin on the wheel as bonus. Whatever you win with the free spin, you can keep for yourself. Popular Wheel of Fortune bonus feature games include Bulls Eye, Rags to Riches and Wheel of Chance.
  • Free Spin Slots allow players to benefit from an additional spin for free offered as bonus. There are many variations of free spin slots and each of them are governed by a specific set of rules in terms of number of spins. Some of the common free spin slots games include Big Break, Cleopatra’s Gold and Thunderstruck.
  • Multi-spin slots bonus feature games such as Ocean Princess and Goblins Cave offer multiple free spins as bonus.

There are many other bonus feature slot games offered by casinos online such as fruit machines, Pick a Style bonus game, Golden Goose bonus game and cascading bonus games.